The SeamStresses are coming to town…

Market Report

Ooh, we had a lovely time at the West Bay Lagoon Festive Fair this weekend.  Until the unexpected duststorm hit just as we were packing up!  And then we hit another two fairs today; the Doha British School Winter Bazaar and Tots Corner Nursery – we’ve given ourselves the evening off this evening but will be cracking on with orders first thing tomorrow!

Our Festive bunting is selling quickly and our reversible sundresses and camel and oryx t-shirts will be winging their way all over the globe as Christmas gifts.


1.xmas_2014_smlIt was lovely to meet so many new people and we always love seeing return customers. We particularly enjoy having to break out our very rusty languages to speak to customers!

Last guaranteed order date for delivery before 17th December is Monday 1st December – so get those orders in quick by e-mailing us or message us on our Facebook page


What a welcome addition to the Doha Market Scene!

Market Report

VCU Makers MarketWe’ve just spent a lovely day at the VCU Makers Market, thanks to everyone we met today for helping to make it so enjoyable.

What makes an enjoyable market?  Loads of different things, and it must be said we generally really enjoy all the markets and fairs we attend but today our five favourite things were:

1) New and interested, customers!

2) New and interesting vendors plus a dusting of tried and tested favourites too.

3) It was indoors! No dust, no wind, easily accessible toilets.

4) Music! And a coffee delivery!

5) Nearly all our customers paid with the correct change – this means we have a pocket full of small notes rather than having to spend 500QAR notes all week to build up our float again in time for the DESS Festive Fair next Friday.

We enjoyed it so much that we’ll be back again tomorrow!

VCU Makers Market here we come….


MM BuntingIt’s been an exciting weekend at SeamStresses Towers.

In a rarity for this time of year we technically had a weekend off (no lugging of boxes, cases, rails and tables to far flung market locations).

No time for idleness though as we’ve been busy restocking and working on a special commission for the VCU Makers Market next Saturday (15th November). It’s the biggest bunting we’ve ever made and we’re really pleased with the way its turned out.


We’re very excited about this event; there’s a fabulous line up of people, featuring VCU alumni and a selection of invited Doha-based designers including us–yippee!

We’re even creating some exclusive VCU themed items so come along between 9-4 next Saturday and visit us to see what we’ve been up to on our weekend off.

We can’t wait!

The school tour continues!

Market Report

seamstresses holiday pic


We had a little break last weekend and headed off with the neglected husbands and SeamStressettes for a spot of desert camping – it was great! And our sewing machines breathed a sigh of relief too.

DBS photo


Our last fair, a couple of weeks ago, was at Doha British School – it was lovely to see so many familiar faces, and a whole host of new ones too! Our beautiful bunting was a big hit and as usual our fabulous sun hats flew off the shelves!

Now, to make up for our time off last week we are just getting ready for the Doha College Spring Fair tomorrow, Saturday 22nd March at the West Bay Campus from 10.00-14.00.  We still have plenty of markets coming up, you can find our list of events here.  See you soon!

Summer is fast approaching!

Market Report

MIA Feb Stall

We spent a lovely day at the MIA Park Bazaar yesterday and we had a lovely time with customers, old and new!

The most noticeable about yesterday was that the temperature is rising – summer is on its way and the days of outdoor events are numbered.  The April MIA Park Bazaar on Saturday 5th April will be the last until October – so come on down and see us and loads of other vendors for a last blast in the sunshine in beautiful surroundings.

Star of the day was our stunning yet practical breastfeeding covers; they are proving to be a great hit. We’re even creating a matching pocket sling for a soon-to-be-born baby who will end up being the most stylish baby in town! We send our very best wishes to the expecting mums we spoke to today – parenthood is a ride like no other!

Day 1 of Mad March is over and it’s still only February!

Market Report
One rather full looking stall at the ASD Friendship Fair - and that isn't even all our stock

One rather full looking stall at the ASD Friendship Fair – and that isn’t even all our stock

Thanks to all the lovely folk we met today at the ASD Friendship Fair – it was lovely to see those of you we are getting to know well and lovely to meet new people too!

Towel dresses and sunhats were the big sellers and we’ve already had a couple of orders through our facebook page  from customers we met today.

Now we’re having a night off before heading to the MIA Bazaar  tomorrow (from 12-5) and hitting our poor overworked sewing machines again on Sunday!

Well hello new fabrics!

New Fabrics


Whoops! We’ve been shopping…

“No new fabrics, no new product lines”

This was our mantra. We thought it was fantastic.  We have failed repeatedly at heeding it and I am proposing a motion that we make it redundant!

So, yes – we have some lovely new fabrics to show you, fabrics that are a gentle departure from our signature style but no less beautiful for it.

First up on the catwalk today  (starting at the top, working down) is Floral Burst.

Alternatively, if you prefer your designs a little subtler Beanstalk is the second fabric from the top.

Third,  a step away from our usual brights, but still a fabulous print is Cool Blossom.

We think they are beautiful and we hope you do too! The SeamStresses All Grown Up – coming to a market near you soon.

Last, but not least, is the fabulous Panda (just in case you were worried that we had taken a step too far from our normal style!)

Thank you, SeamStressettes!


You may, or may not, know that when The SeamStresses first made friends in 2012 and started sewing together we had all five of the SeamStressettes at home full time.  We sewed surrounded by noise, mess, arguments, chocolate milk, sylvanian families, playmobil, trampoline injuries and Disney films!

 In 2013 when we actually launched we still had four Seamstressettes at home full time.  This figure gradually dwindled over the year and now there is only one lonely little SeamStressette at home full time.  Fortunately, she is a fabulous self entertainer and usually allows us one morning a week of sitting together and sewing while we provide her with a constant stream of toys, snacks, special jobs, stories and songs.

However, last week was half term – we were suddenly back to a full complement of SeamStressettes!  But we are busy and we needed to sew! So, we carefully planned an early morning start with all five SeamStressettes, two SeamStresses, two sewing machines, one rotary blade, lots of snacks and plans A, B and C depending on how things went.

It was a delightful day! And productive!  The SeamStressettes, having spent the last term being generally too tired post-school to have successful long play dates, had a blast.  We marvelled at how our girls have changed and developed over the not quite two years we have known each other, how the dynamics of their group is changing but still working, we drank tea, we chatted, we planned, we cut fabric and we sewed. A LOT.  We managed an 8 hour day – it was great!

So, thank you SeamStressettes – we’ll try to find the time to sew you something lovely soon!

We’re posting a really bad photo of our stall at the MIA Bazaar on Saturday

Market Report


It’s not a great picture because of the shade but we were VERY relieved to have our new gazebo (and not just because it provides us with beautiful display options) .  It was extremely hot on Saturday! 

Despite the heat, it was lovely to meet so many new people.  The good news is that the Met Office say that cooler weather is finally on its way – we’ll see you at the next (cooler!) MIA Bazaar on Saturday 2nd November from 11-7.