Exciting times…

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It must be said, the lives of The SeamStresses are always exciting… or something.  However, our most recent MIA Bazaar WAS exciting!

The SeamStresses have been spending less time together since Christmas due to life getting in the way (sob).  We spent a whole day together! And we spent most of that time making plans!

We planned what to do with our last metres of fabric for this season before our last few fairs. And THEN – we started planning a new range of fabrics for next year!  It’s all top secret at the moment but safe to say, we can’t wait!

In the meantime find us at the MIA Park Bazaar again this Saturday 2nd May 12-5pm and at the Parkview Market supporting Qatar’s animal shelters the following week on Saturday 9th May–see you soon 🙂



Seamstresses Reunited!

New Fabrics

Newfabricsfor2014/15It has been a long and crazy summer in Seamstresses land, then we had to settle back in to Doha-life and settle the SeamStressettes in to school. ALL of them (the end of an era)! So, after a three month hiatus, we were very pleased to be reunited in the same sewing room!

We discovered two things today.

One – it is AMAZING how much we are able to sew and talk about in just one glorious morning, uninterrupted by the needs of the SeamStressettes. No snacks, drinks, toilet trips, teepee setting up, jigsaw helping, DVD loading, argument settling. Just sewing, tea drinking and talking. Even the SeamStressDog behaved.

Two – the fabric choices we made before and during the summer are FABULOUS. We’ve been waiting with baited breath to get sewing them into our product and we absolutely love them and are convinced you will too!

We’re eagerly getting ready for the first markets of the season which should start in October; we can’t wait to see your reactions.

Summer Shopping Spree

New Fabrics

summer shoppingIf there’s one thing the SeamStresses love more than drinking tea sewing… it’s a little bit of fabric shopping; and the only thing better than that is a LOT of fabric shopping.

We’ve had a lovely summer finding the best 100% cotton designs out there and now we’re back at the cutting board and sewing machines ready to turn them into beautiful gifts for you, your family and your friends.

Browse all our available fabrics in our SwatchBook. Find out where you can Find us over the coming months or order direct by emailing us or contacting us through Facebook

looking forward to seeing you soon

Well hello new fabrics!

New Fabrics


Whoops! We’ve been shopping…

“No new fabrics, no new product lines”

This was our mantra. We thought it was fantastic.  We have failed repeatedly at heeding it and I am proposing a motion that we make it redundant!

So, yes – we have some lovely new fabrics to show you, fabrics that are a gentle departure from our signature style but no less beautiful for it.

First up on the catwalk today  (starting at the top, working down) is Floral Burst.

Alternatively, if you prefer your designs a little subtler Beanstalk is the second fabric from the top.

Third,  a step away from our usual brights, but still a fabulous print is Cool Blossom.

We think they are beautiful and we hope you do too! The SeamStresses All Grown Up – coming to a market near you soon.

Last, but not least, is the fabulous Panda (just in case you were worried that we had taken a step too far from our normal style!)