Seamstresses Reunited!

New Fabrics

Newfabricsfor2014/15It has been a long and crazy summer in Seamstresses land, then we had to settle back in to Doha-life and settle the SeamStressettes in to school. ALL of them (the end of an era)! So, after a three month hiatus, we were very pleased to be reunited in the same sewing room!

We discovered two things today.

One – it is AMAZING how much we are able to sew and talk about in just one glorious morning, uninterrupted by the needs of the SeamStressettes. No snacks, drinks, toilet trips, teepee setting up, jigsaw helping, DVD loading, argument settling. Just sewing, tea drinking and talking. Even the SeamStressDog behaved.

Two – the fabric choices we made before and during the summer are FABULOUS. We’ve been waiting with baited breath to get sewing them into our product and we absolutely love them and are convinced you will too!

We’re eagerly getting ready for the first markets of the season which should start in October; we can’t wait to see your reactions.


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