Happy Birthday to us

giveaway time
The SeamStresses' first year
The SeamStresses’ first year

One year ago we set up our very first The SeamStresses stall at the Museum of Islamic Art Park Bazaar.

To be honest it was an awful day.

There was a sandstorm.  Our (borrowed) gazebo blew over and tangled itself permanently –sorry Robbins’.

Very few people were foolish enough to come out on such an inclement day.

But we were delighted. After much planning, sewing and an awful lot of anticipation we had officially launched.

Since then we’ve:

  • put up our stall a further 22 times
  • slightly altered our stall design 22 times
  • drunk approx 66l of tea, countless cans of coke (other caffeinated soft drinks are available) and over 100l of water
  • eaten a lot of delicious food–thanks Thai Snack amongst others
  • met hundreds of fabulous people
  • scared off a few too with our unending chatter  witty banter
  • learnt an awful lot (most usefully tricks for keeping a gazebo standing in a storm)
  • bought 2 new sewing machines
  • and had a lot of fun

Time for the presents

So to celebrate our birthday we are having a giveaway at the MIA Park Bazaar this Saturday 5th April 12-5pm

To claim your free birthday gift from The SeamStresses simply like our facebook page and bring either a print out of your screenshot or your smartphone to show us at our stall on Saturday.

Now we’re off to blow out our candle




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