Well hello new fabrics!

New Fabrics


Whoops! We’ve been shopping…

“No new fabrics, no new product lines”

This was our mantra. We thought it was fantastic.  We have failed repeatedly at heeding it and I am proposing a motion that we make it redundant!

So, yes – we have some lovely new fabrics to show you, fabrics that are a gentle departure from our signature style but no less beautiful for it.

First up on the catwalk today  (starting at the top, working down) is Floral Burst.

Alternatively, if you prefer your designs a little subtler Beanstalk is the second fabric from the top.

Third,  a step away from our usual brights, but still a fabulous print is Cool Blossom.

We think they are beautiful and we hope you do too! The SeamStresses All Grown Up – coming to a market near you soon.

Last, but not least, is the fabulous Panda (just in case you were worried that we had taken a step too far from our normal style!)


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