Thank you, SeamStressettes!


You may, or may not, know that when The SeamStresses first made friends in 2012 and started sewing together we had all five of the SeamStressettes at home full time.  We sewed surrounded by noise, mess, arguments, chocolate milk, sylvanian families, playmobil, trampoline injuries and Disney films!

 In 2013 when we actually launched we still had four Seamstressettes at home full time.  This figure gradually dwindled over the year and now there is only one lonely little SeamStressette at home full time.  Fortunately, she is a fabulous self entertainer and usually allows us one morning a week of sitting together and sewing while we provide her with a constant stream of toys, snacks, special jobs, stories and songs.

However, last week was half term – we were suddenly back to a full complement of SeamStressettes!  But we are busy and we needed to sew! So, we carefully planned an early morning start with all five SeamStressettes, two SeamStresses, two sewing machines, one rotary blade, lots of snacks and plans A, B and C depending on how things went.

It was a delightful day! And productive!  The SeamStressettes, having spent the last term being generally too tired post-school to have successful long play dates, had a blast.  We marvelled at how our girls have changed and developed over the not quite two years we have known each other, how the dynamics of their group is changing but still working, we drank tea, we chatted, we planned, we cut fabric and we sewed. A LOT.  We managed an 8 hour day – it was great!

So, thank you SeamStressettes – we’ll try to find the time to sew you something lovely soon!


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